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Aphorism of the Day


 The Monstrosity is contrary to Nature, 
not contrary to Nature taken absolutely but 
contrary to the most usual course of Nature, 
which is both eternal and essential.
Aristotle 4th century BC 

Comment: many theories focused on the "nature" of "monstrosity" - the malformed were seen as a manifestation or portent of the gods, or as a new species, or as a signal of hybridity (result of bestial intercourse) - such notions ended in the heap of trash of wrong convictions. An exception is Aristotle who 4,000 years ago correctly concluded that all malformations are departures from the normal
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Current Word Idea
~ DRACO lat for DRAGON ...
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Daily Medical Word
Placenta Plague Placid Plan Please Pleasure
Placere Placer Place Platz Plaza Plagio
Planasthai Plagiarism Platy
~ PLACENTA id+ | CAKE like | ...

~ PLAGUE med> implies SPREAD ...

med> DYSPLASIA ...

med> PLATYRRHINE or ...

med> PLACENTA alike to a FLAT CHEESE CAKE ...

med> FETAL ORGAN that implants into the uterine wall ...

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Fine Arts Image
Perseus saving Andromeda
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Current Overview
Greek Lekythos (vessel for oil) showing Ladon, the reptile protector of the Garden of Hesperides being fed milk by a nymph.