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 Hostis si quis erit nobis, 
amet ille puellas: 
gaudeat in puero, si quis amicus erit. 

May my enemies love women, 
may my friends delight in boys 

Elegiae, II, 4, 17 
Sextus Propertius (47-16 B.C.) 
A poet of love, for some never surpassed 

A sign how formerly, homosexual erotica was viewed as "normal" (to some degree) - it represented a transitory stage for "boys" who for the most part developed "normally" into heterosexual males who in turn perpetuated the cycle of "transitory" homosexual links with "boys". It is almost incredible to what extent fanatic believers in the Bible engage in twists to represent the "love of David for Jonathan" resorting to word-crafting such as "homosociality" "romantic love", "homoeroticism", etc. (see the story in the Hebrew Bible Book of Samuel. (Ed.) 

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