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"Marriage of a Microcephalic " (details from "A wedding"), 1806 Francisco Jose de Goya y Lucientes (1746-1828) Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain

The groom has a "dysmorphic" facial features or facade and appears that his head is small (microcephalic). Dysmorphic implies disproportion and microcephaly implies a smaller head than 99% of those of others. The vast majority of microcephalic persons also are mentally dull or oligophrenic. Combination of dysmorphic "facies" with microcephaly is a strong indicator that the groom has a "syndrome" (abnormalities "running" concurrenty). Identifying a specific syndrome accelerates the discovery of cause (etiology), pathogenesis (mechanisms), therapy and genetic prognosis (in this instance, the bride may be at risk of conceiving a child with the same "syndrome").