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"Conjoined Rachipagus Twins" (see related A | B | C | D | E), 1487 U Michael Walgemut (workshop of) , Nuremberg, Nuremberg

The above is one of many woodcuts illustrating the Nuremberg Chronicle pirnted in 1493 in Nurermberg as "Liber Chronicorum" that speaks of the Creation, the Deluge and subsequent events.  The publisher and printer was Anton Koberger, the godfather of Albrecht Durer. Koberger had printing presses in Nurember, Lyon, Budapest and other locations. The woodcuts are by the workshop of Michael W Olgemut and his stepson Wilhelm Pleydenwurff made in 1487-1478.

"Siamese Twins" are always identical (monozygotic) and some can survive depending on what internal congenital malformations are present. This very rare event among humans is somewhat common in a region of Ukraine polluted by chronic low dose radiation from the Chornobyl disaster. Radiation authorities assert that the disaster can not be the cause of "detectable" birth defects, a premise that justified opposition to funding investigations oriented to assess radiation exposure effects on human reproduction.