"Autosomal dominant prognathism" (details from "Kaiser Karl V - or Carlos I of Spain"), 1532 Christoph Amberger (1500-1561) Gemaldegalerie, Berlin, Germany
Severe prognathism - this emperor could hardly speak, he lisped. Perhaps (experts denied it) he inspired popular empathy and the spread of the in Spanish "seseo" and "ceceo", two peculiarities of the Castilian Spanish pronunciation of "s" and "z" sounds, to some degree akin to lisping. Carlos could hardly chew and had trouble swallowing. He demonstrates a characteristic "Habsburg" overgrown jaw (mandible) - in this and related images of afflicted Habsburg members, we refer to this facies (characteristic face) as H+. The key navigation page for the H+ theme is indicated in the fuller version of this image. Regarding the genetic nature of H+ and questions about the paternity of Carlos, please visit our companion website, "Clinical Eye Openers" (CEO).  

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