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"Pandora and Jar (a box or uterus)" (see details) (see related A), 1550 Jean Cousin le Pere (1490-1560) Louvre Museum, Paris, France

Pandora represents what for Biblical religions is represented by Eve or Eva.

In classic mythology, Pandora was created to bring to the mortals a box or jar with the dictum not to open it. Knowledge is dangerous if your spirit is ignorant (children) or evil (sinning adults). In the Bible, the tree of knowledge is represented as poison. In classic mythology, the tree of knowledge was assaulted by the mortal Hercules. In short, humanity opened the box letting free all the pestilence and evil spirits known since. However, hope remains in Pandora's box or jar. This box or jar, in my view, contains the hope for motherhood.

Note the Greek or straight nose (no depression separating the forehead from the root of the nose).