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"The Portland Vase " (see details A | B | C | D | E) (see related A), c. 15 BC - 25 AD Dioscourides British Museum, London, England

One of the most outstanding Roman artistic jewels sold to the Dukes of Portland by Sir William Hamilton in 1785 (further comments are found in several related and detail images). Some speculate that the vase was commissioned by Octavian who became Ceasar Augustus.
This cameo demonstrates the high technical skills or Roman artisans. This work is attributed to Dioscourides who carved the white glass plaques layered upon the dark blue glass. 
Among multiple interpretations, a popular one is that this side of the vase represents  Ariadne or Octavia Minor (abandoned by Mark Anthony), or Venus Genetrix (the ancestor of Augustus). In related images are shown other areas of this vase.