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"Triunfi dell'Amore, della Pudicizia, del Tempo e dell'Eternita or Triumph of Love, Modesty, Time and Eternity - First of four panels. " (see details A | B) (see related A | B | C | D) Jacoppo del Arcangelo (known as Jacoppo del Sellaio ) (1442 - 1493) Bandini Museum, Fiesole (Metropolitan Florence) , Toscany, Italy

This and three other companion panels are highly allegorical. With care one can appreciate the mocking humor of the creator. Represented here is Cupid or Eros and by implication Amor as well as perhaps Lust, sexual Desire and Passion. Cupid is the center of attention along with the "fire" probably an allegory that the arrows of Cupid rendered young boys (and girls) to be "in heat". See an enlarged companion image showing that at least one young lady is already pregnant.