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"Die Nacht - The night " (see details) (see related A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J), 1815 Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770 - 1844) Neue Pinakothek, Munich, Bavaria, Germany

This "medalion" represents NIX who in classic Mythology represents "night" or "nich" in Ukrainian (please see at least two overviews of these "idea-word-notions" linking awake, dead asleep, and passed away. Some myths assert that Nix got pregnant by Somnus, the deity representing being "sleepy", lethargic or dormant. The pregnancy produced a set of twins; Hypnos and Thanatos, representing "temporary death or sleep", as in "dead asleep", and death of "permanent sleep" as in "passed away". Nix can denote "nothingness" as in "nix it" or as per "night" which implies "no light" or "darkness". Furthermore, NIX points to NOXA thus NOXIOUS and in fact too much sleep or lethargy represent a threat to VITALITY (vita being LIFE). These complexities are compressed by the notion that Nix is related to Erebus who represents obscurity. The medalion also shows an owl, the emblem and attribute of Athena representing the power of wisdom manifested as the ability to be prophetic. So!?  Wake-up!!! avoid being somnolent! -In Ukrainian, sleep is "spaty" or "to fall" as "to fall asleep". Be sure you "get up" as soon as you are rested and leave your "dormitory" (dormir in Spanish is to slip or to "fall asleep" in the arms of Hypnos or Thanatos - do not tempt your fate!. To remain alive, get away from your dormitory as soon as you are rested. Being lethargic is a way to approach lethal consequences.  See more about Nix, Somnus, Thanatos, Hypnos and Athena and her owl (which after all is one of the emblems of our websites as shown above).     

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