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"Konig Ludwig I von Bayern - King Ludwig I of Bavaria " (see related A | B | C), 1888 Anton Heinrich Hess (1838 - 1909) Neue Pinakothek, Munich, Bavaria, Germany

This King (1786-1868) left an extraordinarily rich legacy in Munich, Bavaria and Europe in general. The feast of his marriage (1810) established the traditional "Octoberfest" (October beer festival) that persists to this day. He supported the Greek War of Independence and eventually his second son Otto became King of Greece (please note companion images where these notes continue). The tumor on his forehead is described by early sources as a "birth mark". My personal impression is that it probably is a dermal lipoma. It should be noted however that very rarely and more frequently in S.E. Asia, such a mass could be an encephalocele (a gap between frontal or forehead bones through which protrude the meninges and at times the cerebrum as well. However, generally frontal encephaloceles are located closer to the root of the nose.  

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