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"Il Cavadenti (The quack dentist) " (see details) (see related A) Pietro (Petro) Longhi (Falca) (known as Petro Falca) (1702-1785) Pinacoteca Brera , Milan, Lombardy, Italy

 For millenia, toothaches pestered all human populations. Christians view Apollonia as the patron saint of toothaches sufferers - but dentists and their drills are feared by many and their history is murky. Medical arts and Dental arts arose together and remain together in many countries upholding the traditions adopted by the Roman Empire. The artisans that crafted charming jewels in Egypt, Babylon, among other civilizations, were also experts in crafting mechanical supports for dentures or their replacements. I like a History of Dentistry by V. Guerini, 1909. 

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