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Contrary to languages` heavy exploration of the term OBESITY, it is only recently that science has begun to unravel the importance of the ADIPOSE tissue and LIPID cells. For example, maternal breast milk is one of the richest nutrients in lipids and lipids provide the back-bone to many hormones. While it is generally true that an excess of ingested calories is often a cause of obesity, there are an increasing number of disorders discovered that contribute to obesity, a topic beyond the scope of this overview.

It may be fallacious to assume that street children today are better fed than street urchins in former times. (Murillo)
It is obvious that lack of ADIPOSE, or fatty tissues, makes humans "PINE away", pointing to the role of the PINEAL and other endocrine glands which are fatty in appearance. For example, females who overexercise and restrict their diets stop menstruating (amenorrhea). Others can develop anorexia nervosa. These examples demonstrate the critical role that lipids play to sustain good heath. Actuarial tables (used by life-insurance risk calculations) demonstrate that those under-weight are at a greater risk than those moderately over-weight. On the other extreme, OBESITY, commonly found in developed societies with "soft-drink" and "snack" vending-machine culture, is reaching epidemic proportion. It is false to entirely "blame" parental gene imprinting as the central cause of such disaster. It must be acknowledged that, too, corporations are responsible for luring children toward obesity in their quest to gain profits in the "junk" food industry. On a more general note, inadequate diet has also arisen due to "improved", "convenient", "healthy", and "instant" alternatives that replace fresh vegetables and fruits .
Grease, gross, and crass, are some of the related terms that underscore the penchant for people to abuse those who are obese.(Ringling Circus Museum)
GRAsa, in Spanish, means GREase. Those who GORge may become fat or GORdo and loose their GRAce. Those EnGORged are likely to store the BUTTer they eat in their BUTT and cease to be GORGeous. To be fair to linguists, it must be acknowledged that GORDO and GORGE do not share the same roots, but in fact share a similar notion. Gorge also points to gargle, gargantuan, and GARGanta, or throat in Spanish.
Some artists depicted mostly stout or obese people. (Botero) - (Duplessis)
STEATO, in Greek, means fat and points to STEATOpygia, for fat BUTTocks, as if to remind feasters not to "pig out" on food. STEATORRHEA denotes a fatty DIARRHEA. 
Eating BUTTER may help to BUTTress the BUTT or BUTTocks. (Lautrec)
Some women are complimented as being callipygian. (Chasseriau)
It is self evident that FAT, or GREASE, repels water. It is also the case that some people are strongly repelled by FATty or OBESE people. The social OBstacles faced by OBese people may be rooted in history. GREASE, in Latin, is CRASSUS, a term that also stands for CRASS, COARSE, and even CRAP. OBEDERE, OBESUS, OBID, and OBIDA, Latin and Ukrainian words for eating, obesity, supper, and offense, respectfully, underscores how eating can become sinfully pathological.
Steatopygous (fat buttocks) figurines were popular among the ancients. (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
It is true that OBesity may, on rare occasions, arise from genetic defects. See Prader Willi Syndrome, for instance, in our companion web-site, Clinical Eye Openers. In any case, the most common instances of OBESITY are due to obsessive eating, essen in German.
Occasionally, obesity is "organic" because of genetic, endocrine, or other regulatory disturbances. (British Museum)
Obesity is common among dwarfs. (British Museum)
Some instances of obesity may be due to alterations of chromosome 15, such as the Pradder - Willi syndrome. (Miranda)

EATing consists of chewing, MASTicating, grinding, or MILling EDible foods into a MEAL. SWALLOWing or inGESTing a meal usually is followed by its diGESTion. Some foods are more diGESTible than others and some would refer to the best as EDAtious.

Stout Mouse (San Antonio Museum of Art)
Obese Dog
Fat Cat (Field Museum)
In Spanish,  eating  is COMEr and dinning room is COMEdor. Perhaps, the presence of DIN in  the English word, DINing, implies that in England, COMEstibles were consumed in noisy places.

Physicians describe "blackheads" as COMEDO. Skin"s SEBAceous glands can become clogged with accumulated SEBUM or SUIT. The tip of  sebum"s plug, obstructing sebaceous skin glands, can turn black or remain white, giving rise to the descriptive terms for this sort of skin pimples as "white heads" or "black heads". Another disorder of SEBAceous skin glands is SEBOrrhea, a term used to describe "greasy skin", from an excess of excreted SEBO or SUIT.

For those who love BUTTer, it is prudent to remember that instead of looking like BUTTERflies, they may BUTTress their BUTT.

A callipygian gluteal region or attractive buttocks have more to do with avoiding gluttony and a glut of adiposity than with calisthenics. (Fegnault)

For those who love oil, it is prudent to consider that good oil is made from good OLIves. The OLIve tree is sacred to those who remember that it was Athena"s gift to humanity. It is the emblem of her victory over Poseidon. Since then, victors of OLYmpic games are anOINTED and crowned by an OLIve branch - emblems of "let it be peace", because at that time, wars had to cease for as long as the games continued. 

An ancient oil lamp underscores that Oils and fats are combustible and are fuels. (Vatican Museums)

To close, it is well to remember that OBesity can be an OBstetric OBstacle and that it is best to OBide prudence and not to OBEDERE or eat in excess. This dictum should be easier for Ukrainians to obey since for them, OBid mean supper and OBida  means offense. Therefore, this similarity in words should remind them that GLUTtony is a cardinal sin.

Many obese people go through hell while alive and do need to be reminded of damnation. (Rubens)

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