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Recognize Gnat Gnathia

Gnowing or Knowing Prognosis or Gnosis and more

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This is one of three overviews concerned with "little people" who may be called MIDGET, DWARF and by any number of other terms. This overview deals mostly with ideas in MIDGET. Ideas in DWARF and a dwarfing condition called ACHONDROPLASIA is presented an illustrated review.
"Little Persons" with nearly average body proportions can be called "midget".
MIDGET or NANISM refers to beings of smaller size, the term implies diminutive or small and that the body proportions are near average. The roots of midget point toward "mukha" or "musca", Ukrainian and Latin terms for FLY or "GNAT". 
KNOWledge is gained bit by bit or bite by bite or by GNAWING. GNOME relate to GNOSIS, the implication being that they KNOW. Another legend about GNOMES about which many people are iGNORant  is that GNOMES KNOW of hidden treasures and people had the HUNCH that rubbing the HUMP of a HUNCHBACK would bring them good fortune as in the  adage "Catch one (gnome) and get a crock of gold".
Dwarfs have altered body proportions and 
often bent long bones.
NANISM, from "nano" implies proportional reduction in size as denoted by "little", "small" or miniscule. NANUS and ENANO in Greek and Spanish denote MIDGET. MINIatures enchant artists who left a rich heritage of enchanting legends. Painters personified ideas, such as FATE in FAIRY or divine infants called PUTTI. Others, created an amazing maze of other characters from AUSTRI to WESTRI described in explanatory pages listed on the left.
Midgets have near normal body proportions
One ancient legend is about a "little person" or protective spirit or genie called BES. In ancient Egypt, BES dwelled in homes and fostered child rearing. The name BES, some linguist say, is unrelated to BETH. However, both "bes" and "beth" convey ideas about "home". In Phoenician and Hebrew BAYITH denotes "to build a house". From BETH we get BETHESDA which denotes "house of mercy".
The dreadful appearance of Bes serves to repel evil spirits away the households she protected.
There are at least 900 causes and types of SYNDROMES of "short stature". Among them is CRETINISM, a SYN-dromos of signals pointing to a diminished thyroid functions during pregnancy which stunt physical AND mental development. Other syn-dromes do not "run" or develop without impacting cerebral development. 

For centuries, artists noted that CRETINS have facial features or FACIES alike to those of DOWN syn-drome, another similar but distinct condition associated with physical and mental growth.
Iodine Deficiency Cretinism
Down Syndrome Facies
The body features of these "GNOMES"  a term rich in "connections" with PROGNOSIS, PROGNATISM   
have features suggestive of Achondroplasia  
Many people believe they KNOW about GNOmes. In fact, most people are iGNOrant about GNOmes and in such context behave as aGNOstics. It is unformtunate, as is the case with religious phanatics, that what they believe they know, the actually know.

Many "beliefs" emerged from the artistic depictions of "short little diminutive people" that engendered terms like GNOME, ELF, LEPRECHAUN, FAIRY and so on and worst of all, there also arose an "industry" that exploited them. The best recent term for such industries is "merchants of ABUSEMENTS" marketed as "AMUSEMENTS". Current "electronic circuses" of this sort can be labeled as "dwarfsploitation" web-sites. A case in point is "Mini-Me", a character created by Hollywood who is portrayed being abused, even brutally pummeled to amuse audiences. Antidotes are advocated by the "Little People of America, Inc." who strive to preserve the respect for the person-hood of "little people". 

In the real world, as infants with "nanism" are born, it is key to define early causes or the nature (etiology) of the disorder. Understanding of etiology permits anticipating the natural evolution of the condition and to anticipate the specific care needs of each "little person". Among the most common and best understood forms of dwarfism is Achondroplasia reviewed in a separate illustrated overview.

An email we received stated "we presume you know the term 'midget' is offensive to little people". Pandora Word Box is dedicated to the ideas and roots of words with an emphasis on medicine (expanded etymology by mythology, history, poetry and other humanistic spheres). Our intention is not to be offensive. The words we mention are included in dictionaries and daily language and recognize that many of them are vulgar and currently may be offensive. We can not however ignore their existence and the realities of prevalent use.

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