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Hand Handle Man Manual Manipulate Mankind

Palm Carpus Carpe Diem Carp Carve

Knuckle Knock Knee Knot

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Other overviews present notions inherent in HAND such as CHIRON or CHEIRON, CHIROPRACTIC, OSTEOPATHY as well as SURGICAL MANIPULATIONS. Notions emerging from the PALM of the HAND are found in PALMISTRY, CHEIROLOGY or CHEIROMANCY, CARPUS, CARPE DIEM and extensions toward PUG, PYGMY, KNUCKLE, KNOCK, KNEW and finally KNOW. Here we HANDLE notions conveyed by FINGER as well as FANG as well as by FINGers or DIGITs.

Experts are uncertain to what degree ideas in FIVE and FANG are linked with FINGER. In any case, in Ukrainian finger is PALECZ and PALKA means STICK which underscores that fingers  "STICK OUT" like STICKS. 
Holding hands enhances peace of mind.
The THICKEST or THIGH like finger is the THUMB, also called POLLEX. This is provocative in view that POLLUX is a mythological PUGilist - those who box or are pugilist flex their POLLEX over the fingers to make a FIST.

The Spanish terms DIGITo and DEDO - in Latin each finger has a name: the THUMB is POLLEX; the fore-finger is the INDEX or SALUTARIS - to this day, the touching the rim of a hat or forehead is a SALUTE; the third or middle finger is IMPUDICUS or INFAMIS - it has been used forever "TO RAISE A MIDDLE FINGER" is an INSULTING GEST; the ANNULARIS or RING FINGER is "THE FINGER OF THE HEART" and the fifth is the AURICULARIS - being the smallest it can be used to scratch the opening of the AURICULAR or EAR CANAL. 
The annular digit is the finger "of the heart".
Leading hand.
We have now reached the fingertips - delicate instruments that acquire great skills - turn your computer sound on and hear how

- the power of fingers is expanded by instruments and contributes to the development of the brain - Buddha, when depicted with the tips of the right thumb and index touching gently, admonishes the viewer, as we do here, to meditate. Perhaps readers could tell us if they know whether Christians adopted this sign.
Piano virtuosi must learn finger control 
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