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Rad - Radiation <> Ion - Ionization

Teratogen Mutagen Carcinogen

Iodine 131 - Cesium 137

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This week represents the 25th Anniversary of the Chornobyl*  Disaster

Editorial Note: The anniversary is a reminder of catastrophic and shameless USSR policies demonstrating a disregard for human life and values - an achievement of "Bolshevik Ideologs" with convictions stemming from primitive and deformed interpretations of ideals proposed by Karl Marx and other dreamers. Because  this website is not dedicated to history nor politics but to the poetry and beauty of how ideas materialize into words, we show in the side bar an Editorial dedicated to the "Bolshvik Mind". Here we seek to uncover the nature of the complex terms saturating, as if Saturn himself had ordered it, reports concerned with Chornobyl and the Chornobyl-like Fukushima daiichi tragedies (dai-ichi implies "first" or "main").  

* Chornobyl (in Ukrainian) - Chernobyl (in Russian) illustrates the Russian penchant, as former masters of Ukraine, to impose the trivial but nontheless different spelling for Chornobyl. It is one of the many ways Russian speakers often demean the importance of Ukrainian as the official language of their former colony. 

This is part B - please start with part A

RAD as in RADIATION point toward BEAUTY. Energy as well as beauty can alter a state of inertia or indefference by inducing re-verb-erations. In this sense, RADIATION being waves of energy can "move" matter and cause re-verb-erations. High energy radiation can engender heat, light and even alter the chemical nature of matter - the ancient named such "transmutation of matter" and physicist often speak of "ionization" while poets assert that beauty is what "moves" or makes the recipient reverberate. In any case, it is provocative that RAD and RIAD in Ukrainian link GLAD with ORDER, perhaps because disorder often is distressing. From here we can focus on RADius or the line that connects a CORE with a periphery. In this sense, RADIO, an apparatus at a center that connects with waves in the periphery and capable of "trasmuting" these energy waves into sounds. 

In physics, the study of transfer of energy by waves of neutrons, electrons, protons have led to the development of biologic-physics. Low energy radiation can manifest as light and heat (microwaves) while higher energy waves can penetrate the body tissues (ultraviolet, X-rays) and "IONize" atoms and molecules by altering the number of electons in an atom. It was Faraday apparently who chose a poetic word to coined the notion implicit in ION, from Greek IOV for "I go or going" to poetically convey the notion regarding matter prone to "go" or to under-go change. When a nuclear power plant like Chronobyl of Fukushima explode, matter under-"goes" changes while releasing lethal high levels of IR. As Uranium degrades, it generates, among other radiactive matter-forms, ionizned Iodine and Caesium or Cesium which impact all forms of life. High levels of exposure to IONizing RADiation (IR) is lethal to all forms of life. IR can also damage cells by direct exposure but in the case of Chornobyl and Fukushima, aspiration and ingestion are also major avenues to damage health by internal exposure of any and all cells of an organism. Body or somatic cells may mutate (die or become cancerous) and reproductive cells (ovocytes and sperm) may mutate and manifest as sterility, malformations in chidlren and gene mutations that manifest in offspirng in generations to be born. 

The ancients perpetuated the notion that Zeus forbade Prometheus to grant humans knowledge of the "sacred fire" but Prometheus disagreed and now incompetent humans have given us atomic energy "accidents" that caused millions to suffer. Perhaps Zeus and the ancients were right - perhaps atomic energy is not for humans to manage.