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Mardi Gras

(Continued - Part 2)

CARN        as in          Carnal  
          VALe Leave Levitate
MAR Mars Martial
         DI Divine Diva
         DIEM Day Deity
                   GRAS Greasy Unctuous
LUPERCALIA Roman feast
LUPUS Wolf  
LUPA Prostitute
Nobody is immune from the errant arrows of Cupid 

Early spring ... birds sing love songs ... in ancient Rome, February 14th was chosen as the day for those pierced by Cupids errant arrows of Love - a day to remember the devotion of Eros to Psyche, a delicate bond in constant need of nurturing ... people were urged to use the Cupids bow of their upper lip to blow kisses that would float to caress their beloved ...  

"Blowing kisses" with the "Cupids bow" of the upper lip.
The ancients believed that baby Cupid shotarrows indiscriminately ... that those pricked became "Love sick" ... that babies, just as Love, do not know reason ... that in all ages, Cupids arrows strike most living creatures, human or otherwise ... and ancient artists were aware that the bond of Love and Psyche was as tender as the wings of a butterfly ... that love when reciprocated is a fountain of bliss ... that as Cupid matured into Eros, his cupidity and erotic drives became unrelenting ... that one desire engendered endless other and led to unrest and unhappiness ... when a Cupids arrow pricked the finger of Eros, he became aware of Psyche ... his love for mortal Psyche induced him to forgive her many flaws ... to visit hell to rescue her ... to implore Zeus to grant her immortality.