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Oligophrenia or Cognitive Deficiency

Mental Retardation

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Medical Version of "Oligophrenia" 

(also note another version on this topic - link given in left column - "Mental Retardation")

OLIGOPHRENIA in medical parlance stands for OLIGO for deficit and PHRENIA for MIND and is a term that offers inSIGHT regarding what once was referred to as "mental retardation", a term now increasingly objected to. The terms STUPID, IDIOT, CRETIN, MORON add perspectives but are even more objecionalbe. In the past, the much gentler term "INNOCENT" was used to refer to oligophrenic persons. The point is that those lacking a sound or developed PHRENIA or mind are less able to control their impulses and may act without MINDing the consequences. This is also a basis for many legal systems and civilizations who uphold the view that children, the oligophrenic and the ALIENATED or mentally ill are legally inNOCEnt thus inherently not NOXious.

Head size - if reduced as in microcephaly or excessive as in macrocephaly, macrocrania or megalocephaly - can signal abnormal cerebral development. However, head size is not a reliable indicator of the development of the mind or PHRENIA. Furthermore, the PHRENIA of persons with HYDROCEPHALY or "water on the brain" may escape damage.
Megalocrania or Macrocephaly
Perhaps Hydrocephalus
IDIOT implies a lack of  IDEAS and in this sense, all humans are IDIOTIC at birth but have the capacity to learn to ameliorate this condition. Among those with oligophrenia, idiocy persists. In any case, all humans are IDIOTS regarding one subject or another.
Post prandial induced Slip into Sleep or Stupefying Stupor
CRETin is an ancient insult directed at those who live in the island of CRETe. Other experts stress that CRETin also has roots in CHRetien, the name of "simple minded" or oligophrenic CHRistians due to a lack of invironmental iodine prevalent in Alpine regions of the Savoy region, now in France. Modern medicine has established that CRETINISM is a birth defects syndrome characterized by oligophrenia and dwarfism caused by prenatal iodine depravation.
Bride "given away" to a rich Oligophrenic
Ship of fools
The idea in STUPID has roots in Latin STUPEO for senseless or naive. This overview offers a STUPENDOUS opportunity to point out that from ancient times, STUPrum or rape belongs in the company of ideas concerned with STUPid and STUPefying. Narcotics or in Spanish eSTUPfacientes for "stupidity generating" along with an excess of self-love are one way to illustrate the STUPidity and STUPor NARCissus personifies.
Prevention of Oligophrenia
Self-love for NARcissus became a NARCotic and like other narcotics ALLIENated his mind. NARCcissus, NARke, NARcoLEPSIS and NARcotic imply an altered mind. One frequent sign of allienated souls is lethargy which points to NARCose (anesthetic in Ukrainian) as well as to NARCOLEPSY. Note that NARCOSE also denotes the type of sleep induced by anesthetics and LEPSIS denotes "to take hold of the mind". This sort of lethargy and mental dullness is evident in MORose persosn who often have a DOUR  and GRIM disosition. MORosus in a Latin denotes ill or insane and points to MORtal. Indeed, NARCotics start by killing the sould and often kill the NARComan or NARCOmaniac.
Dwarf, perhaps a Cretin
Poets have crafted most laguages and created "poetic words" and expressions such as AMOR and "true love is eternal". Perhaps some poet, long time ago, added the letter A for "lack of" to MOR or morbid mortality and so endowed AMOR with such implications.
Putti or Amours Playing.