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Spring, probably represented as Flora

A living ORGANISM is an ORGANization seeking to preserve and replicate "self". It is "selfish", in biologic terms, to thing that it is equivalent to "same". It is self evident that no individuals are never, strictly speaking, "the same", even a few moments later. In biologic terms, "self" is "alike" but never identical. Provocatively, "sam" and "samota" in Ukrainian means alone, loneliness but not identicity. More important is to realize that each ORGANISM is ONE and indivisible "oneness", of with Aristotle, the father of Biology said of organisms, life, the Universe and perhaps God:   

" ... All is One
One is All ..."


Thus, it may be said that ALL organs and functions of an organism are part of ONE, thus "mind and body" are one, as denoted by the old dictum:

"Mens Sana Sana in Corpore Sano"
(Sane minds in Healthy Bodies)

Regarding organ, orgasm, orgy, climax and climb, these are subjects for another time.

HEALING, HEALTH, SANITY, SALUBRITY and DISEASE share ideas relating to HOMEOSTASIS. HOMEO is for "similar" and STASIS for stable. Organic organisms seek to maintain and to recover their balance as quickly as possible from being buffeted by hostile environmental factors. OXYGEN, among other factors, OXIDIZES or degrades organic matter as in;

"Dust to Dust" (RUST)

While ALIVE, organisms seek to remain "alike" (not identical). When reproducing, organisms PROCREATE "near sameness". To surVIVE and reproduce, genetic stability and ability to capture energy are key.

Summer with a Carnucopia (Grain, Corn, Horn, Hard)

In mammals, the LIVER is the main ABDOMINAL organ that degrades and generates energy plus heat from the METABOLISM of nutrients. Humans capture or abduct food from organisms they eat, that is, digestive structures of other organisms that ABDUCTed food into their ABDOMEN. From Ukrainian and Spanish we get ZHYVIT, ZHYVE, ZHYTO, VIENTRE, VIENTO, VENTRAL, BARRIGA for abdomen, living, wheat, wind and barrel. Some abdomens are indeed like a pouch and a bag of winds.

METABOLISM and BIOCHEMICAL GENETICS describe the processes of energy capture, transfer or assimilation and excretion or elimination. Regarding energy "abduction", living organisms are more efficient than "dead" systems because of ZYMES or ferments or ENZYMES. Enzymes accelerate chemical reactions. These ideas are enriched by those imiplicit in ZOO and ZEUS.

The LIVER acts as the central OVEN that generates HEAT or CALORIES by enZYMAtic reactions. In Ukrainian, PECZ, PECZE, PECZINKA are for OVEN, BAKE, BURN and LIVER and CALOR denotes HEAT.

The liver METABOLIZES, ANABOLIZES and CATABOLIZES nutrients and other particles. META is for "move through", "pass a goal" as in METAPHOR, METASTASIS. ; ANA is for "divide", "degrade", "cut" as in ANATOMY and CATA is for "to fall", "degrade", "eliminate" or excrete as in CATASTROPHE. BOLIC or BOLUS denote a ball, lump or gulp.

Autumn (Ceres harvesting Cereals)

ANABOLISM denotes assimilation of nutrients from digested or broken down foods. CATABOLISM denotes the breakdown of altered or aging body tissues destined for excretion. Failure of thse mechanisms are CATAstrophic to the organism.

The liver enzymes require OXYGEN used for oxidation. A LEAF is like a mini LUNG that captures OXYgen. Mammals, instead of LEAVES, have reSPIRatory systems and LUNGs that capture oxygen ions. From Ukrainian, Greek and Latin we get LEKHKI, LEKHNI, PNEUMO, PULMO and PLEURO for light, slight, lung, and side as in PNEUMONIA, PNEUMOCOCCUS, PULMONARY and PLEURISY. Shortness of air or breath and pain in the side are SYMPTOMS and SIGNS of pneumococcal pneumonia and pleurisy.

In Latin VEGETARE or VEGETUS denote respiration or to "enLIVEN". Note however that VEGETATION VEGETATEs in contrast to ANIMALS who LIVE because they have a SPIRit or HALITUS. When a person ceases to inspire, it becomes "expired" or DECEASED and considered to have lost its spirit, soul or PSYCHE. Final fate can sometimes be cheated. Those who are reVIVEd should inSPIRE JOVIAlity, an idea also found in Sanskrit as JIVAS for ALIVE.

Windy is Winter

For the ancients, ANIMUS or ANIMA were the SOUL or SPIRIT or HALITUS, to this day seen as the ESSENCE OF LIFE. There are those who suffer form HALITOSIS, a DEVILish problem considered by some to be the work of MEPHISTOPHELES.
Father Time, Chronos or Saturn 
Unfortunately, all mortals are subject to SATURN or CHRONOS. Indeed, time alters or MUTATES everything, including the human GENOME. Gradual accumulation of genetic MUTATIONs is the essence of aging, SENILITY, CANCER and many "deGENErative" disorders including infertility and abortions. Only humans aspire to immortality and can, to some degree, achieve such by creating beauty, as Ovid did and who ended his "Metamorphoses" (13 - XV, 871) with;

" ... Now stands my task accomplished
such a work  as not the wrath of Jove,   nor fire,   nor sward 
nor the devouring ages can destroy ...
my fame shall live to all eternity ...".
(Ovid wrote this work from memory while exiled by Emperor Augustus and
being deprived form access to a library)