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Gorgeous Gourmet Gargantuan Gorging Gargle Garganta

Regurgitate Asphyxiate Suffocate

Gorgon Gullet Glut Glotis Glossary

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This overview is concerned with THROAT which points to VITAL ideas, some of which are given in companion overviews concerned with TONGUE, LIPS, NUTRITION, NURISNG, LICKING, SWALLOWING, GROGING, GARGANTUAN, JARGON and even GOURMET.  

Gargantuan Throat (Garganta) or faucet (Pharynx).

THROAT points to THROTTLE and refers to the exterior anterior NECK as well as to its interior cavity or PHARYNX. FAUCES and PHARYNX. FAUCIUM in Latin stands for throat which like a faucet, is constricted at its end. This anatomical fact renders humans prone to choke on food prone to get stuck at the bottom of the throat. Furthermore, compression of the anterior neck can THROTTLE life by SUFFOCATION or compression of the FAUCE, o point that returns us back to FAUCET.

A FAUCET often has the shape of a spout or GRIFO in Spanish, an implication that points to GRIFFIN whose beaks are shaped like a grifo. Such examples help to GRASP GRAPHIC points inherent in throat or fauces. In a manner of speaking, the throat is like a FAUCET through wich we ingest or reGURGItate. It is also true that some people can be so attractive as to be called GORGeous but  this term does not apply to those who reGURGitate while GORGing and instead  may resemble a GORGON, GARGANTUA or a GORGOYLE.  These "echoic" words  emerge from GARGanta or throats from where GARG and GARGLE sounds arise.  

Tongue, Pharynx and Epiglottis

Additional vistas emerge from GULLET, GLUT, GLOTIS, GOURMET, which offer ideas linking structure with function. In this regard, the function of the throat or pharynx relates to EATING, BREATHING, TASTING and TALKING which can not be grasped without at least, exploring some ideas inherent in TONGUE, GLOSSO or LINGUA which  include those in GLOSSARY and LANGUAGE.
W. Wertelecki, M.D.