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Sort of Pain or rather a Sore or Hurt or Injured Soul perhaps by Injustice

Harm Harmony Mangle Maim Mutilate Wound Injury Injust Justice

Lacerate Lancet Tear Tears Lacrymous Lacrima Lagrima Weeping Wounds

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It is a WONDER how the mind can WANDER and discover, as illustrated here, hidden facts and meanings. Much flows or can WEEP from WEEPING WOUNDS that by definition, unless treated, will not heal ad become a source of many "LACRIMOUS" sentiments. Weeping wounds that do not heal give rise to ULCERS. In contrast to GASTRIC ULCERS, many weeping wounds cease to be SORE in the sense of HURT. However, SORE also implies "CHRONICITY" plus PAIN in distinction to ULCER which implies chronicity without pain. Trained hands or CHIRO are required from CHIROPRACTORS and SURGEONS who should know how to LANCE, TEAR or LACERATE tissues to cause WOUNDS that to not WEEP and do not induce WEEPING in patients. Otherwise, patients will experience SORROWS and be SORE at the healing professionals who cause their LAMENTations. Indeed, patients are VULNERABLE and are afraid of any VULNERARIUS, a Latin name well suited and deserved given to those who VULNERATE or cause "surgical" wounds. Another well deserved ancient name, LACERTUS, points to forearm, LANCE and LANCET. Trained forearms are required from those who throw LANCE or in Spanish LANZAN la LANZA, as well as those who pierce or LANCE abscesses with a medical LANCET. These points are conveyed by the fact that the oldest medical journal in the world is "THE LANCET".
Lacrhrymous portraits of  sorrow of the same man painted by the same artists some five years apart.
Which version is "better" at showing his spiritual "hurt"?
LACERTA extends toward LACERATE, MANGLE, MAIM and MUTILATE. The ancients were aware that WOLF or LUPA (lupus erythematosus is a disorder that "lacerates") and FOX or VULPA were animals the could "outfox" humans and not only "tear" them but also nurse human babies as was the case with Romulus and Remus.
In fact, humans have the LACERATING properties of a LUPA - Cynics assert: 

"Lupus est homo homini,
non homo quom qualis sit non novit"
"man is no man but a wolf to a stranger" 

It is a fact that some humans prefer canines to human and avian VULTures - however, most of us feel reVULTion toward VULTures. In any case, humans make other humans VAPULATE or cry out in pain. The love/hate relationship of humans with LUPUS or wolf and VULPUS or red fox are inherent in European languages. Note the array of terms, rooted in Latin, Lithuanian, Ukrainian and English roots:  ULNUS ULCUS ULCER - LUPA LUPANAR LUPERCALIA - VULPES VULPINE VULTURE VULKA VOLK VOVK VOVA VOLODYMYR VLADIMIR WOLF and AVULSION REVULSION AVULSION and LUPUS ERYTHEMATOSUS (a man wolf-like devouring disease). Perhaps the synthetic vista is to point out that WOLF WOUND HURT SURGEON HARM HEALTH all imply a challenge to HARMONY by HARM.
The wound of this "vulnertated" victim demonstrates 
his vulnerability and his laceration caused by a 
lance which is sore and a cause of sorrow.
Sorrow facies of gravely wounded Amazons who may be gravid 
and are facing a grave fate.
In turn, HARM HARMING HARMONY point to INJURY, inJUSTICE and therefore also to JUST and JUSTICE. Some would say that the task of JUST JUSTICE must ARTiculate the truth based on facts  and solely in the interest of HARmony. Others may stress the ART required to ARTiculate JUSTice. This can be a SORe point because "political"  JUSTICES have limited SOROM or in Ukr "shame". In fact, lack of self-SHAME is the root of lack of "ethics". It is also a fact that inJUSTICE is a cause of SORROW because inJUSTICE inJURES and HARMS the inner HARMONY of our "self". Ethics or "self-shame" deters us from being inJURious to others and prompts us to seek JUSTICE. Returning to the theme HARM-HARMONY, Medicine has shown that HARM combined with GRIEF can be GRAVE and harm GRAVID women - it is known that DIStress and DISease are causes of abortion and premature births and may pave the way of agGRAVATED GRAVID women toward their GRAVE or otherwise to have a GRIEVANCE.
Grieving orphans
(Holding hands sustains two egos that arose from two fertilized eggs)
To close, the above points out that ideas transcend a few words, their spelling and the limitations of their link to limiting grammars. Instead, the inherent ideas in words underscore the universality of human minds.
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