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Os Stoma Stomach Esophagus

Gastric Gastroschisis Ventral Ventricle

Omphale Omphalos Omphalocele Umbilicus

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Following several overviews concerned with nose, mouth, lips, pharynx and larynx, it is time to explore some ideas that emerge from  ESOPHAGUS, STOMACH, GUT or in medical parlance ABDOMEN.  Another overview explores "BELLY".

Balzac had a "ventral" prominence and also
the ability to "vent" ideas in great literary works. (Rodin)

"OS" and "STOMA" are found in "mouth or opening" and in "cavity". The term ANA-STOM-OS-IS refers to the joining of "stom" with "os". Accordingly, the os or oral cavity refers to mouth and STOMACH to a "cavi-tated" organ. STOMATITIS refers to an inflammation of the oral "cavi-ty" and STOMATOLOGY to the study of ailments of the oral cavity.

The ESOPHAGUS is a cavitated or tube-like contractile muscular organ that connects the oral cavity with the STOMACH cavity or the "belly", which in Spanish is VIENTRE. The links of VIENTRE with VENtral, VENtilate and VENtriloquist are left for later but note that "el VIENTRE" or "belly" occupy a VENTRAL or anterior position in the body. Another cardinal point is that VIENTRE and VENTRICLE imply that such structures are CAVITATED as are the cardiac and cerebral VENTRICLES. Cavitated tumors are also described by words containing "Cele" or "Coele" as in encephaloCELE or hydroCELE.

Rotund people tend to become round. (Titian)

In Greek, OISOPHAGUS or in English GULLET or ESOPHAGUS point toward OISO for "to carry" and PHAGUS for "to eat" or deglut or swallow. Other implications emerge from the Germanic and Slavic root "SCHLUN" linked  with broader ideas for saliva and stomach.

The broader implications in STOMACH describe a bulging area below the nipples and above the pubis. From STOM-ACH, two ideas emerge, "stoma" for "cavity" and the "ACH" for "caca" or excrement generation.

Prosperous people tend to have a "gut" . (Helst)

Regarding ABDOMEN or VIENTRE, the concepts are related to ABDUCT as in "hide" and "take away" as well as WINDy BAG which points to BELCHING.

The umbilical cord anchors the fetus to the placenta. The navel
is a protrusion or "boss" or "umbo" marking the insertion point
of the umbilical cord on the ventral or abdominal wall. (
van Neck)

The ABDOMINAL cavity evolves from an OMPHALIC sack. In adults, what remains is the OMPHALOS or the "belly button" or the point from which the ANCHOR or NAVEL or UMBILICAL cord attached the fetus to the placenta. Failed abdominal wall development gives rise to many sorts of BIRTH DEFECTS. Among the most serious are GASTRO-SCHISIS, and OMPHALO-CELE - "schisis" as in "schism" for split and "cele" for "hernia" or "sac" for "cavitated" tumors.

Umbo - a cone or beehive like protrusion often
at the center of offensive weapons such as
ancient shields.

Boss -  protuberance on the tips of wooden
cylinders used to scroll papyrus texts.

The importance of the umbilicus or  OMPHALON was recognized by the ancients. The omphalon of the world, for some, was located  in Delphi and for others in Crete. Delphi was dedicated to Apollo the "enlightener" and Crete was the site where baby Zeus shed the stump of his umbilical cord. Another ancient story honors OMPHALE who was the "anchor" of Hercules - their mutual love helped control his impulsive and at times brutal nature. Hercules was truly "bound" and bonded to Omphale. Malformations of the abdominal wall such as "Prune" "Belly" syndrome, omphalocele or gastroschisis are included in another review concerned with Belly, Gut, and Phallus.

Omphale captivating and scolding Hercules. (Lemoyne) - (Rubens)

Queen Sheba asked Solomon "What is it that has ten openings? When one is open, nine are closed. When one is closed, the nine open." The answer underscores that upon birth the umbilical flow ceases and the bodys orifices open.

Additional vistas concerning the above may be found by exploring previous posted illustrated overviews concerned with BELLY, GARGLE, GARGOYLE, GLUTTON , GORGE , GOURMET, GULLET, LARYNX, LICK, LIP, LIVER, NUTRITION, NURTURE, OBESITY, PHARYNX, SALIVA, SPITTLE, SWALLOW, SUCK, THROAT, TONGUE, and VOICE.

20100227  W. Wertelecki, M.D.