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~ TEGUMENT  id+ | med> pertaining to the SKIN |
            id+ | OUTER MEMBRANE or COVER or LINING or COAT |
            id+ | LINING  TISSUE  TEXTILE  TILE  ROOF | from
  lat  TEGERE      TO COVER
  sp   TAPETE      RUG
       TAPAR       TO COVER
       TELA        or
       TEJIDO      TEXTILE
       TECHO       ROOF
                   points to
  eng  TECHNOLOGY  for full etymology
  see> TECHNIC     sug> ARCHITECT
  med> CUTIS       or
  see> SKIN        sug> ECTODERM
  see> PELT        sug> LEATHER
  see> FUR         sug> HAIR
  see> HIDE        sug> DERMIS

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