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"Wasted Lesson in Morals" (see related A), 1670 Godfried Schalcken (1643-1706) Mauritshuis Museum, The Hague, Netherlands

In this series of two paintings, the first shows a woman who "wasted her morals". In the first she holds a box and in the second, her urine is being "tested" or "tasted". The box probably is an emblem of Pandora's box, where only "hope" remains and may also represent the womb or uterus, which this lady probably "hopes" is fetus-free. In the second picture, apparently the "urine test" was "positive" for "pregnancy". The "Doctors" then were called "piss-prophets". 

Many, if not most pregnancies (depending in what country) are "accidental". Such view implies that most women are "idiotic" (strictly speaking in ancient terms and based on the roots of the term "idiot" which implies "no idea" implies that women had "no idea" of getting pregnant - a strange notion indeed). It can be argued that the majority of "sexually active" (a simpler crude way is to say "engaged in coitus") are aware that pregnancy may follow - not avoiding getting pregnant and "accidental" gestations are not equivalent notions ... Statistics shows that "surprise" pregnancies are the main reason behind most "induced" abortions (in euphemistic terms "terminations of pregnancies"). Such "terminations" are so numerous in some countries that "de-facto" represent the prevalent "anti-conceptive" "method". The ethical, moral, and social complex can not avoid the fact that "terminations" are at the "expense" of the life of fetuses that for the most part are malformation free "innocent victims". Such fact is in conflict with the notion of "medical abortion" for "maternal" or "family" reasons, because "fetal" reasons are much less frequent.  Medicine is not an agent of death or Thanatos as in euthanasia - Medicine stands for life ... so? ... in illustrated companion overviews such contradictions are illuminated further ...

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