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EuroMaidan Overview B

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This is one of several Overviews concerned with the EuroMaidan revolution followed by an unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine. Overviews avoid expressing opinions and stress, as usual for Pandora Word Box overviews, facts and ideas conveyed by words or images worth a thousand words. Opinions may be found in captions of the full size images of the icons illustrating overviews. Euro-Maidan introduction  background is given in Overview A.

Overview B

The above headlines may appear extreme but ... such are the facts.
The czars, later Bolshevik-Communists and now the Russian Federation under the strong man’s regime of Mr. Vladimir Putin provide continuity to the three core principles of Russian imperialism.   

- Orthodoxy (“faith in dogmas upheld by the State)
- Autocracy (authoritarian rule by a czar or party ruler sustained by a kleptomaniacal  oligarchy)
- Nationality (Russians ruling subjugated “brotherly minions, in particular Ukrainians)

For more see full images of the icons below. 

RUSSIAN COMMUNIST ORTHODOXY - Kyiv May 1st. 1986, five days after the Chronobyl explosion. 
Children parade during the fallout of ionizing radiation 

Czar Nicholas II - Autocrat of All Russias

The Russian Federation incorporates USSR and Russian Imperial aggressive chauvinism. 

Mr. V. Putin is and authoritarian ruler of the "Federation of All Russias" and managed to be appointed for life. The current assertions by the U.S. and E.U.  imply that unless Mr. V. Putin expands his "annexations" by force, Russia will not be subjected to further sanctions. Thus far these sanctions are virtually meaningless for Russia because mostly of the efforts of Ms. A. Merkel whose posture is "not to punish" Russia "unless ..."  Such tepid imposition of sanctions also underscores strong disagreements between the U.S. and the financial interests centered in a London-Paris-Berlin axis. Appeasing Mr. Putin may be irrelevant - the goal to reconstitute the Russian Empire will prosper with greater disagreements within the EU and NATO. By expanding his aggressivity toward Ukraine, Moldova and beyond Mr.Putin may boost his victory and perhaps achieve a larger axis of financial interests; a London-Paris-Berlin and Moscow axis to replace the EU. The "rich" EU members resent the "not so rich" EU members and the "rich" Europeans demure concerning the costs of NATO. Much will become clearer before the end of May 2014 after the scheduled Ukrainian elections (if they take place at all).  

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