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VICTORY conceded to Mr. PUTIN by Mr. OBAMA

EuroMaidan Overview D

Irrelevant tepid EU economic sanctions against Russia

The credit belongs to an axis of capitalist captains linking Wall Street - London - Paris - Berlin - Moscow and most of all to Ms. A. Merkel and German industrial leaders.

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This is written on March 30th., before the substance of the ongoing last minute meeting between the U.S. and Russian foreign relations ministers are divulged.

Economic Interests vs. Russian Ideology
March 28th, 2014, as he was departing Europe, Mr. Obama conceded that Mr. V. Putin was victorious and could keep the illegally annexed Crimea to the Russian Federation without fear of further economic sanctions. This victory of the financial interests anchored in London-Paris-Berlin and Moscow (and in New York) set a precedent which either will induce Mr. Putin to cease his attacks on Ukraine or will stimulate further aggressive actions. 

A special relationship Kremlin-Berlin is now a EU policy
OPINION: in view that the EU sanctions have no significant impacts in Russia  - that the EU rejected the U.S. initiatives seeking to escalate sanctions - disunity and discord among EU partners - and that adoption of initiatives proposed by Ms. Merkel who seeks not to significantly punish Russia - Mr. Putin can logically conclude that his invasion of Crimea has been broadly accepted without significant objections by the EU. It is logical for Mr. Putin to consider if further Russian aggression against Ukraine may engerder even greater benefits for Russia, namely further discord between U.S.-EU, further discord between the London-Paris-Berlin axis with the rest of the EU and even perhaps the disintegration of the EU itself and weakening of NATO replica watches for men. Perhaps a diplomatic "peace" dealings may give rise to a "concordat" by integrating Russia into a novel London-Paris-Berlin-Moscow axis of the "rich and powerful" among the rest of Europeans and replace or "balance" the long standing impact of the U.S. on Europe.    

In the current context, the lives sacrificed during the EuroMaidan mean nothing, at least for now. True, the IMF will offer "loans" at the price of draconian reductions of standards of living. Such is most welcomed by the Kremlin - it will promt Russian colonists in Ukraine to scream for help from the Kremlin. Whispers about a Marshal Plan  for Ukraine were just whispers - apparently neither France nor Germany remember how they were helped to get on their feet and did not embrace such an approach - two former German Chancellors endorse Mr. Putin"s actions disregarding that the unprovoked military occupation and annexation of Crimea to Russia uproot international laws replica watches. Former Chancellor, Mr. G. Schroeder is now an open apologist of Mr. Putin whom he calls "a perfect Democrat" and is Chairman of the Board of the Nord Stream AG, a gas pipeline Company promoted by Mr. Putin. This pipeline will transport Russian Gazprom gas exclusively to Germany. Other board members include Mr. A. Mededev, Prime Minister of Russia; A, Miller, CEO of Gazprom of Russia replica watches; three other Gazprom leaders plus German and Dutch corporate representatives. The Managing Director of Nord Stream AG is Matthias Warming, who is a former Stasi (Communist East Germany"s Secret Police and perhaps was a colleague of Mr. Putin when he was a KGB agent in Eastern Europe).  Mr. Schroeder, as a former Chancellor of Germany Mr. does not feel that his current role of as an advocate of Kremlin interests is inapropriate. 

P.D. Mr. Putin was reassured by German magnates that the EU tepid sanctions against Russia were simply symbolic. The CEO of Siemens AG, Mr. J. Kaeser traveled to reassure Mr. Putin personally. He indicated that Siemens will continue its one billion investment program in Russia and stated "Siemens has invested in the Russian economy about 800 million euros, and we will continue to invest ...". Other magnates, including the heads of Adidas AG, Thyssen Krupp Ag and Deutsche Post Ag, among others, echoed similar sentiments. replique montre(Comment - apparently respect for international laws uprooted by Mr. V. Putin is not on the mind of these rulers of German corporations) More About Cheap Replica Watches:rolex replica Cheap rolex replica watches online: rolex replica