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ON ONE HAND, this overview exposes "on hand" ideas about HAND or CHEIRO in Greek and ON THE OTHER HAND, other HANDy ideas concerning CHEIRON or CHIRON and CHIROPRACTIC or OSTEOPAHY, CHEIROMANCY as well as PUGNACIOUS PYGMIES, and in particular notions pertinent to MECICINE and the SURGICAL MANUAL ARTS are given in other related overviews. In short, MANIPULATIONS to covey notions about MAN and MANUAL deserve our attention.  
Gigantic hand of a pugnacious leader
Thumb sucking satiates anxiety
Hand proportions are a sensitive index of child growth
To HANDLE HAND we start with HANDEL to stress that those who HANDLE Merchandise, called HANDlars in Ukrainian, can MANually MANipulate prices. MANagers and MANufacturers use other MANners for the same MERcenary purposes while invoking the protection of MERcury, the god of thieves.
Some people offer generous handouts but others handle matters selfishly
It is MANifest that the HAND or MANus in Latin has to do with MAN and MANKIND. However, there is no simple MANual to explain concisely how MANo, or hand in Spanish, became a key huMAN attribute. In any case, MAN and MANUS give rise to a large array of words linking MAN and MANU as those in MANtain, MANUScript, eMANcipate, MANUmission, MANUfacture, and MANUbrium, which points to MANipulation.
Manual labor has never been easy
That the normal human HAND has FIVE fingers can not be imPUGNAted. Furthermore, the link of FIST with PUG is less obvious but becomes obvious when FIVE FINGERS are clasped to make a FIST, thus compact or PUG. From PUG ideas flow toward PUGilist PUGnacity and PYGmies.
The fingers are like sticks
The FIST is often raised by those who are ready to revolt and resort to violence. The opposite is conveyed by waving an open hand or PALM which implies a hand devoid of weapons. The Roman greeting, raising an open palm, was reintroduced by Mussolini and copied by Hitler. These dictators were short on peaceful intentions and fooled most PALMists who profess to be augurs through the study of PALMistry or CHEIROMANCY.
An open palm represents peace and victory
Palmistry used for fortune telling
The palm or PALMus is one of a series of ancient units of length based on body parts such as the THUMB for inch and ELBOW or PUGna which is the distance between the elbow and the KARPOS or wrist . The PUGNA or forearm is reduced in short limbed dwarfs or PYGMIES. The difference between a DWARF and a MIDGET that the first is disproportional and the other is proportionally small. The most common dwarfism is achondroplasia. Regarding pygmies, they can be either dwarfs or midgets.
Some Pygmies become Pugnacious
CARPe or KARPos in Latin or Greek, refers to WRIST as well as the concavity of the open PALM or VOLAR hand surfaces. The VOLAR skin of the PALM and fingers is ridged and forms patterns resulting in unique finger and palm prints - the subject studied by the scientific discipline called Dermatoglyphics, a word combining derma for skin and glyph for carving or ridge.

The term CARPe has been popularized by the maxim "CARPE DIEM" or CARVE your DAY which underscores that happiness is earned - it must be CARved out by daily toil. KARPe denotes the fact that wrist bones are like small fruit or KERNels. This point also applies to CARPology, the discipline dedicated to the study of fruits.

Regardless that counting KNUCKLES may promote KNOWLEDGE, it is imperative that in the interest of brevity we K.O. or KNOCK out this subject swiftly because we KNOW that words with KN are abundant in Slavic and Germanic tongues - note KNee, KNife, KNight, KNit, KNob, KNot, KNowledge and KNuckel - each related to notions of hard, hump, lump or prominence.

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