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"Homer (Homero Omero)" (see related A), ? BC Unkonwn Roman artisan - copy from a Hellenistic original from the 2nd c. BC Capitoline Museums, Rome, Italy

Epic Greek poet, often portrayed as blind (amaurosis) who perhaps is fictional or lived about 850 BC. Homer is given as the author of the Iliad, Oddyssey and Hymns, seen as the early Theology of the emerging ancient western civilization. I agree with the view that Homer is a prime theologian and a Cardinal of esthetic values. (W. Wertelecki, M.D.)

(Oda, ode, odeon, odometer ...Odysseus, Odesa, Odessa ...
Mentor was the name of the mentor of Odysseus and who raised his son ...
the above are examples of Homeric impacts on many ideas premeating western languages).