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"Circe as temptress" (see related A | B | C) Franz von Stuck (1863-1928) Neue Pinacothek, Munich, Germany

Here Ceres is represented as a “charivna holding a “chara” with a magic “chai”  (in Ukrainian, fairy or witch, cup, and potion or tea). Her face is a facies or speaks of evil intent.  

Ovid introduces Circe as -
See, I, the daughter of the shining Sun,
A goddess who possess the magic powers
of spell and herb, I, Circe …

Given that these presentations seek to include an emphasis on Medicine, it should be obvious that most of pharmacology has roots in the “magic” powers of herbs. In mythology, Circe, herbs and their effects represent magic now shared with logical sciences. Nonetheless, magical images of Circe and words like love, sex, attachment, cruelty, jealousy and hate retain their grip because they remain rooted in the magic of imagination. 

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