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"Eva Prima Pandora " (details from "Pandora and Jar (a box or uterus)"), 1550 Jean Cousin le Pere (1490-1560) Louvre Museum, Paris, France

Note: emphasis on a "Greek Nose" (no depression separating the forehead from the root of the nose). The red jar and its footing may be emblematic of the uterus (womb, matrix, mater, maternal matter), vagina (invaginate) and vulva. Eva Prima or Pandora disobeyed (typical?) and opened the jar with captured spirits which flew away except for Hope, also known then as ELPIS (depicted in countless coins during the Roman Empire era. Elpis is represented in many coins perhaps an index that money expedites hopes (esperanza, espero in Spanish for hope as per waiting for "the better" or in Ukrainian, nadia for hope and a name).  

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