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"A Rose Poisoned by Chornobyl. " (see related A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I), 1994 unknown student School near the Chornobyl site (known as Kyiv Province) (Ukraine)

Now the Fukushima disaster brings more "thorn" and "poison" to those exposed to ionizing radiation (that is to all living creatures from a virus to the homo "sapiens" which apparently is not very "sapiente" or intelligent enough to know better).  What are called "un-intended consequences" are in fact "ignored" risks and  consequences ... nobody is so stupid as not to know that tsunamis and earth quakes are common in Japan ... nobody is so stupid in Russia (Ukraine then was ruled by Russians) not to know that slowing down a nuclear reactor is dangerous ... it is not something to be done without a full staff on call (the Chornobyl "experiment", according to USSR "authorities" was near mid-night and "not authorized"). 

This is one of a series of drawings by a student from a primary school located not far from the disaster site (euphemistically called "accident" when in fact it was the result of an incompetent and failed "experiment" to slowdown the nuclear reactor).

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