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"Big Lie - 1st. of May 1986 Parade - Chornobyl " (see related A | B | C)

On April 26th., 1986, Chornobyl exploded. Five days later, in Kyiv, children were ordered to "parade" to "honor" the "heroes" of Communism while being exposed to the ongoing  fallout of Chornobyl  ionizing radiation. This is one of multiple example of a common "disease" causing "no shame" nor "guilt" among the communist ranks. After the implosion of the Soviet "empire", the "no shame-no guilt" virus persists - in now infects not only former but current "apparatchiks" but the newer "nomenclatura", in other words the current ganster oligarchs controlling Russia, Ukraine and other "satellites" of the "no shame" sphere of influence. Regarding denials of radiation damage to the populations, the Ruski and Ukrainian "leaders" found assistance from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) who controls the World Health Organization (WHO) in matters of radiation and health. The IAEA-WHO continue to assert a dogma they refuse to submit to a scientific test - they assert that Chornobyl could not possibly impact negatively human reproduction outcomes nor cause developmental anomalies. The dogma remains untested with total disregard of numerous scientific reports demonstrating its falsehood. Regarding Fukushima, the aftermath is similar - no registry of pregnancy outcomes have been recommended nor such studies undertaken. Like in Japan, similar apparatchiks under President Putin deny responsibility for shooting a passenger airplane or the assassinations of numerous political opponents. 

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