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"Lago d'Averno" (see details) (see related A | B | C | D | E), 1794 Jacob Philipp Hackert (1737 ‐ 1807) Neue Pinakothek, Munich, Bavaria, Germany

A volcanic crater lake - Averno (Avernus) - in southern Italy, near Cumae and modern Naples was considered to represent the entrance to Hades. The represented landscape is "bucolic" (idyllic) and the area is referred to in the Aenied by Virgil. 

N.B. (Ed.) I am not sure if the prominent flowering plant represents aloe or acanthus species.  
IDEA > IMAGE > WORDS - Volcan, vulcan, Hephaestrus, idyllic, Latin, Greek, volcan, vulcan, Volcan, Vulcan, Hades, lame, lam (in old Frisian denotes crippled), had (in Ukrainian it denotes evil or harm), bous (from bull) points to bucolic to denote pleasantly rural or rustic, idyllic from idyl  points to ideal thus ideal, ...