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"Konig Ludwig I, umgeben von Kunstlern und Gelehrten, steigt vom Thron, um die ihm dargebotenen Werke der Plastik und Malerei zu betrachten" (see details) (see related A | B), 1848 Wilhelm von Kaulbach (1804-1874) Neue Pinakothek, Munich, Bavaria, Germany

King Ludwig I recognized as a patron of arts and sciences. The King is surrounded by artists and scholars as he descends from his throne to view their creations. In the background is the Pinakothek commissioned by this King (later used by Adolf Hitler to stage his propaganda productions). His "adoration" seems excessive which casts this painting toward the category of contemporary "political propaganda". On the other hand this King accomplished much - his vision endowed Bavaria with institutions that perdure and sustain this region as one of the most "creative and productive" in Europe. One "production" was Adolf Hitler who likewise was "adored" by the German people and this element seems to also be persisting - nearly a century post-Hitler, Bavaria remains a stronghold of "right wing" "idealists" ... further notes are given in a related image ... 

IDEA > IMAGE > WORDS - Kaulbach, painter, artist, Ludwig, King, scholar, science, propaganda, anachronism, Adolf, Hitler, Pinakothek, Bavaria, throne, homage, adore, idealism.