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Bucca Boca Bacco Beso ... Kiss

Vermillion - Cupid's Bow and Blowing Kisses

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This review will touch upon "lip, lick, kiss, slick, spit ...; os, stomach, abdomen ... ; buccal, oral, chew ... ; drink, eat ... ; swallow, deglut, glutton ...; tongue, glossary, glottis ...; and throat, throttle, faucet, pharynx ...". Whenever words express ideas that are concerned with human survival, they also touch upon a plethora of orbits populated by fundamental concepts. Here we stress that lips impact survival not only as evident by the axis  lip-suck-nipple-mammary gland but also by the axis mouth-BUCCA-BUCCINATOR pointing to BACCO, BESO or KISS ... thus pointing to love that translates into life giving.
Thin upper Mucosa (Vermillion) and wide Philtrum
Prominent Philtrum
This review is dedicated to LIP, LICK, SLICK, and to VERMILION and PHILTRUM expanded to include OS OSTOMY and in Ukrainian USTA or in Russian, ROT pointing to ROUND. In another overview are given vistas related to mouth or BUCCA and BUCCinator, a BUCCAL muscle also critical for the survival of MAMMAls to let them SUCK from their MAMMA the SUCCULENT nutrients in the maternal milk. 

Next, please note how lips can be closed by PURSING in a gesture of POUTing. The same is true for those who WHISTLE and those who suffer from the "WHISTLING FACE" syndrome also known as the Freeman Sheldon syndrome. The POUTING or PURSING of the lips in this condition results from the atrophy and contracture of the powerful orbicular peri-oral sphincter muscle or ORBICULARIS ORIS. 

Freeman Sheldon or "Whistling Face" syndrome "facies" 
 (pursed lips caused by contraction of the orbicularis ois muscle)
The opposite of POUTing are widely open lips or mouth which is reminiscent of containers with wide openings called POTs. Pot points to ROT, the Ukrainian word for mouth as well as to ROTA or VOROTA (gate). The notion of ROUND or "wheel like" reverberates in ROTUND, ROTUNDA and is implicit in POTHOLE.

LIP and LAP are linked in the sense that both have to do with "fold" as well as with "sip", "lapse" and "rotate". Furthermore, lip conveys ideas found in "lapel, lobe, edge, rim, brim, margin" as well as in "lick, slick, slime, slip". In general, the same concepts apply to any sort of lips including those protecting the opening of the vagina.

Meanings in LIP and MOUTH or OS in Latin point to USTA in Ukrainian and refer to the external rim of the ORAL opening. Perhaps poets may find provocative that HUBA in Ukrainian refers to lips , while in the case of the cervix or uterine opening, HUBA means "the bashful mouth".

Lips also connect with "verbosity" and implications of "empty words and promisses" as imiplicit in "loose talk", "loose lips" or "lip service".
Prominent Lip or vermillion
Sign of cebocephaly or agenesis of the mid 
brain and lip philtrum
"Carp-like" or downward mouth
The fleshy brilliant red mucosa of the lips is called VERMilion, a term linked with ideas found in VERMin and worms also pointing to insects once used as a source of red dyes. The curved outline of the upper edge of the vermilion of the upper lip is called "Cupids bow" (as if blowing kisses is akin to shooting love arrows).

In some persons, the outer edges of the lips are below their mid junction (lips bowed downward), which may be a sign of lax tissues or of aging. In medical parlance, such a feature may be called "fish or carp like mouth".

The mid portion of the upper lip or prolabium is called "philtrum". The philtrum of most persons has a vertical groove. This concavity can be used to hold perfumes or a "Philtron" (Greek for "love potion").
Prominent Vermillion
Prominent Philtrum and Cupids bow
In children with developmental disabilities or birth defects, a flat philtrum and a thin vermilion are signs of fetal alcohol syndrome. Alcohol consumed during conception and early pregnancy is a potent teratogen and a cause of major birth defects and mental maldevelopment.

Clefts of the upper are either left or right. Midline "clefts" are most likely not clefts but underdevelopment or "agenesis" of mid portions of the PROLABIUM. Such midline defects are associated with brain malformations and may be due to chromosome alterations as well as to gene mutations or teratogens. CEBOCEPHALY denotes malformations of mid line structures including the philtrum.

To close, a reminder that from your upper lips, each of us may blow a KISS or a BACCO or BESO in Italian or Spanish, toward those whom you love, but we could not do so without relying on a strong BUCCInator muscle.

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