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Concepts; fertilization; traits, dominant, recessive, co-dominant: genetic recombination, segregation, assortment, diploidy, heterogeneity; morphogenesis, homeostasis, nutrition, micro-nutrition ... GENE GENESIS GENETICS FERTILITY FERTILIZATION SEGREGAT

Gene Genesis Genetics Genome

" ... In the intermingling of seed ... children may take after their mother ... (or) after their father ... (or) combining features of both parents ... (or) take after their grandparents ... great-grandparents , this is because parents ... preserve a quantity of latent seeds, grouped in many combinations, which derive from an ancestral stock handed down from generation to generation. From these, Venus evokes a random assortment of characters ... it may be strange that female offspring is engendered from the fathers seed, and the mothers body gives birth to males. The fact is that the embyo is always composed of from both (parental) sources ... the affairs of Venus clearly involve wide variations in harmony ... the vital thing is to ensure the right mixture ... Another important factor is diet."

From an extract of poems by Titus Lucretius Carus "On the Nature of Things or the Universe" or "De Rerum Natura", ( c. 50 BC), Book IV "Sensation and Sex", translated into prose by R. E. Latham, Penguin Books, England, 1951.

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