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"Achilles watched by Hera represented as a Peacock" (see details) (see related A) Erasmus I Quellinus (1607-1678) Royal Museum of Art of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium

The mother of Achiles was aware that he would perish if he joined other Greeks in their war against Troy. She prevailed on him to dress as a girl and use the name Pyrrha for his flame red hair. Achiles took refuge among the daughters of Lycomedes, where he fathered a son named Pyrrho. When Odysseus learned that the Greeks could not conquer Troy without the help of Achilles, he searched for him and exposed him. Odysseus posed as a salesman of women's jewels, among which he included a precious sword and shield. When Achiles expressed solely an interest in the weapons, he revealed himself and agreed to join the Greek army. Additional notes are given in related images.

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