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"Ancient Drachma Coin - Owl of Athena " (see related A | B | C | D | E), 500 BC Greece

"Athene Noctua" (little owl) - an emblem of the wisdom of Athena. "Minerva's emblem also was "a little owl" and also stood for wisdom, knowledge, and foresight - owls see in the dark (perhaps a reminder of ignorance). A combination of foresight with a superior insight (intelligence) is described as cleverness, perspicacy and translates into prudence

In my view, the similarities between Minerva and Athene are obvious, except that Minerva stands for Medicine, a term arising from mens, mentality, men, memory, and other notions found in companion pages.    

P.S. The Romans adapted the above into an emblem known as "the little owl of Minerva".

Note that our Clinical Eye Openers pages by MedWord spot the logo of this owl.  

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