Dysmorphology Course
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"Socrates (b)" (details from "Socrates (a)") (see related A | B | C), 350 Roman unkonwn artisan - copy of a Greek original Capitoline Museums, Rome, Italy

A profile of Socrates (469-399 BC) as a man and philosopher is given in a companion image and aphorsims. Regarding the "Socratic metohd or questioning" of alternative propositions and is a precursor of "dialectics" consisting of "an oppositional discussion" of hypothesses. Some assert that Protagoras is the real pioneer of this method of learning. The Vatican established the "Advocatus Diaboli" in 1587 and abolished the system in 1983. The "Devils advocate" took contrarian positions even if personally disagreable, against the canonization of candidates. In contemporary terms, "dialectics" remains a popular teachin method in schools of law.