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"Neptune and Amymone", 1757 Charles Andre (known as Carle Vanloo) (1705-1755) Louvre Museum, Paris, France

A daughter of Danaus and Elephantis, Amymone ("the blameless") or Hypermnestra, was the sole among 50 sisters (Danaids) who did not assassinate her husband (Enceladus, son of Aegyptus). Shown above is Amymone being rescued by Poseidon from an attack by a chthonic satyr. Poseidon was charmed and possessed her - she bore a son Nauplius after whom was named the port city of Argos (pointing to the story about the Argonauts). She is often represented holding a pitcher of water as an emblem that Argos was "a well watered city". All of her sisters were condemned to hell or Tartarus, where they must forever fetch water with bottomless water pitchers.   

Photograph provided by Restoring Ancient Stabiae Foundation; Used with permission

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