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"Kylix Calyx Calix" (see details) (see related A | B), 500 BC , Fiesole, Tuscany, Italy

Kylix means a “cup”, with 2 handles,  often to drink wine. In Ukraine, the “kilishok” may differ in shape, but it is dedicated for drinking  alcoholic liquors or liquids as well. The owl may represent Athena and her link to the truth. Perhaps, there is, too, an implied irony: "in vino veritas".Those who imbibed in wine with this kylix, or kilishok,  were perhaps prompted to be truthful.

In Medicine, the Latin term CALIX, denoting “protective petals of a flower bud”, became CYLIX, to denote a “cup like” “pelvis” surrounding renal papillae.  Pelvis stands for “basin-like”, and papilla denotes a protrusion, projection, or nipple like structure. Note: papilla in Spanish signifies pure-like food fed to infants when the breast feeding period approaches its end. 

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