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"Detail from The Table of the Seven Deadly Sins" (see related A | B | C | D | E | F | G) Hieronymous van Aeken Bosch (known as Bosco) (1450 - 1516) El Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain

One of the earliest known works by Bosch. This work belonged to King Philip II who kept it in his room in the Escorial. The central figure (not shown) is of Christ surrounded by seven scenes depicting the seven deadly sins:

SLOTH (above) depicted by a slovenly, sloppy, lazy, sleepy man slipping into sin;
The ANGER scene stresses violence and jealousy;
PRIDE is promoted by the Devil holding a mirror;
LUST is shown as two pairs of lovers in a tent;
GLUTTONY is depicted as men devouring at a table;
AVARICE is a judge accepting a bribe;
and ENVY is depicted as bones for dogs.

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