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"Hirsutism " (see related A | B | C) Kunshistorishes Museum, Vienna, Austria

Hirsute points to ursus - hairy bear - bear hug, and even to sex and coitus.

This person suffers from "hirsutism" (a term from "ursus" for "hairy beast like", a term for bear). The excess face-body hair may be due to a variety of factors, from a gene "mutation" (change - in Spanish, "mutar" as in permutation, may imply a "change of attire") to causes that may alter hormonal balance. In this instance, there were other family members affected. Since several generations were affected, an environmental factor was unlikely. The pattern of inheritance (males and females were affected), and because each affected had a parent likewise affected, the nature of the gene mutation is compatible with an autosomal dominant mutation (impact on either sex and on the average manifested by half of descendants). 

This and related images demonstrate the critical importance of examination of relatives. For further comments visit Clinical Eye Openers website (CEO).

Source of this and other similar images is described in:  https://www.pandorawordbox.com/image.php?image=0131614

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