Dysmorphology Course
Carousel Series


"from a series of 13 wood panels " (see related A | B) Jan Kessel (1626-1679) Alte Pinakothek , Munich, Germany

Called "Olinde Pernabaco" (or pernabnaco pointing to Pernambuco, Brazil) this landscape with caimanes (alligators) is quite realistic but other panels like one labeled "Boynos Aires" (for Argentina) convey fantasies, in this instance, unicorns.
This scene illustrates a nearly universal "natural" maternal instinct - protection of offspring. In my view, words convey poetry of long forgotten poets: the "nature" of mothers is to protect their offspring - an "instinct" - a "stigma" of "mothers" who in fact are animated "matter" - animals are ruled by "instincts".
Should you approach a mother-aligator her instinct will "stimulate" her to "strike" you ... and so on and so on ... Take a look at the companion word root.
What do you think?

W.Wertelecki M.D.