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"Klinefelter Syndrome? - A callipygos (callipygous) hermaphrodite " (details from "Hermaphrodite endormi (asleep) (Klinefleter Syndrome?) - found near the Diocletian Therme (Terme or Baths).") (see related A | B | C) Louvre Museum, Paris, France

The companion image notes mention concepts inherent in hyper-gonadotropic hypo-gonadism such as seen in Klinefelter syndrome (KS). KS is most often a reflection the effects of an XXY sex chromosome complements instead of the usual XY complement.

Here we call attention that a major area of contrast by gender is the "pygos" or "nates". Well feminized, thighs or "femur" and nates signal the feminine capacity to engender "family" and by "natality". On the other hand, the same in combination of incompletely mature penis and testicles signal the possibility of KS.

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