"Selective Destruction of Health Facilities by Russian "Big Brother" Constant Bombardment", 2022

The aim of Putin's Russia is the holocaust and genocide of the Ukrainian people. One top priority of the plan includes the physical destruction of the youngest - killing children or at least destroying their mental health through chronic fear and, if possible, panic. A corolary strategy is to rob them from their sleep - rob them from their dreams. And as for the parents destroy hospitals to induce them to escape to foreign lands.

"Ruskis" have long-standing experience with holocaust and genocide. For centuries they have vacated lands to be repopulated by "Ruskis" plebes. Most recently they destroyed the Tatars - vacated Crimea so that "Ruskis" could enjoy summer vacations in their land. Already Catherine "the Great" referred to Ukrainian lands as "Nova Rossia" - recently Mr. Putin declared big areas of Ukraine as "Nova Rossia" - his policy to "scorched earth" in Ukraine is ongoing. Westerns "liberals" and German-French corporations advocate for Ukraine to negotiate with Mr. Putin - their business is suffering.

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