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Dormant Dormatory Somnus Somnolent Somnambulist

Narcosis Narcotic Nacolepsy

This oveview, concerned with SLEEP, SLIP, and SOMNolence is a companion to another concernd with DREAMS and VISIONS.

Classic mythology offers an overture to ideas that point out that SLEEP can be reversible. However, mortals who expire for the last time SLIP into a permanent SLEEP. These ideas are represented by the legendary TWINS HYPNOS and THANTATOS. It is not clear which of the twins stands for EUTHANASIA, but clearly both put us "to sleep". Some poets assert that Hypnos "puts us to sleep" to grant us rest, while THANATOS puts us to sleep to ease the fear before we meet HADES, the lord of the deceased populating the underworld. Regarding dreams and visions, MORPHEUS, sometimes with the aid of MORPHINE, induces sleep often disrupted by visions and nightmares, and even by Thanatos himself.
The twins Hypnos and Thanatos were identical.
Another prelude of interest concerns ALCOHOL, a drug that induces drinkers to SLIP into SOMNOLENCE, SLEEP, COMA, and into the arms of THANATOS, who will conduct them the HELL. It should be stressed that alcohol is a rather poor and dangerous HYPNOTIC, because the amounts that induce sleep are not far from those that result in DEADly COMA. In addition, the unborn, when exposed to alcohol may also perish or otherwise become permanently damaged, because alcohol is, in medical parlance, a potent TERATOGEN and teraTHANATIC or, in simpler terms, a deadly death and malformation inducing agent.
Moderate alcoholic libations liberate.
Excessive libations liberate irreversibly.
To FALL aSLEEP is like to fall or SLIP away from consciousness, often into a world of DREAMS, which Saints and other special people may call VISIONS. In Ukrainian, SPAD and SPATY refer to fall and sleep. In Sanskrit and ancient Saxon, sleep is DRAYATY, a term that points to DREAM.
Happy pets fall asleep and dream easily.
SOMNolent people tend to fall aSLEEP or become DORMant as to those in DORMitories. Those who dream while ambulating and can be called "ambulating dreamers" or SOMN_AMBULIST should pay their respect to SOMNUS, the Roman God of sleep. A famous SOMNABULIST was Lady McBeth, and in Ukrainian SON stands for DREAM. 
Somnambulism implies ambulatory sleep.
TORPid is another way to say SLEEPy or DORMANT. The modern TORPedo weapon is derived from TORPor, a Latin word meaning to slow down or to impede, or cause TORPOR. Notably, TORPid persons often seem to be NUMB, DUMB, CLUMSY, DULL, as well as INEPT and SLOW. TORPor is also characteristic of those who are starving, ailing, mentally abnormal, or otherwise impeded. TORPor also relates to pain, suffering and exhaustion, as underscored by the Ukrainian words TERPit, TERPity, and TERPinia, which signify numb or inert, or to suffer with PATIENCE which points to PATIENT.

NARCOSIS refers to sleep induced by NARCOTICS from NARCOS, Greek for "deadening". While in small doses, narcotics may be SOPORific or induce SOMNolence, as denoted by the word itself, in greater doses, NARCOTICS are DEADening and DEADly. NARCOLEPSY describes those who are "seized" or suffer a "seizure" while asleep. The popular term "sleeping sickness" applies to narcolepsy, as well as a series of viral infections of the brain called  encephalitis. Encephalitis refers to a "cerebr-itis" or inflammation of the brain.

Diana or Artemis is also known as NIX, one of many of her names listed in the "Related Topics" option (see upper left). The negative implications in NIGHT and NIX are also found in NICH, NICHoho, and NICHT, which in Ukrainian and German stand for night, nothing, and not. Regarding DREAMS, ideas of "NIGHT" or "NIX" have negative overtones and include concerns about bad NOCTURNAL DREAMS and point to MAR, MARA, NIGHTMARE, and MARATHON. Notably in modern Hindi, MARA means dying or hurting.

In classic mythology, DIANA or ARTEMIS is the Goddess of Night. Her twin brother Apollo is the God of light and day. Artemis is one of three Olympic Goddesses that vowed to remain "parthenos" or spouseless, a term that theologians, impelled by their religious convictions,  prefer to translate as "virgin". In fact, "parthenia" in Greek means concubine or a "non spouse".
Goddesses could not control their feelings.
Endymion was "put to sleep" and did not age.
As soon as born, Diana had to witness her mother's intense suffering, as she delivered her twin brother APOLLO. Diana developed PARTHENOPHOBIA, an abnormal or pathologic fear of childbirth and vowed to remain single. However, not even Goddesses can control their heart and sentiments, Diana fell in love with the mortal ENDYMION. Determined to keep her vow, as well as to sleep with Endymion, Diana "put Endymion to sleep". Captivated by his perfect MORPHOLOGY, Diana insured that he would remain youthful. On the other hand, MORTALS who use MORPHINE loose their youthfulness rather quickly perhaps, because MORPHEUS relies on MARA to deGENErate their dreams into nightMAREs.

Regarding alcohol, two amply illustrated overviews explore the subjects of DRINKING, DRUNKS, ALCOHOL and LIBATIONS, and how such may induce or INSPIRE some people to EXPIRE.

Those interested in APOPLEXY may find of interest illustrated reviews dedicated to the terms "apo" as in Apollo, Apology, Aponeurosis, Apoptosis, Apostol, and the like.

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