SKIN (in brief)

Skin or "hide" does hide notions linked to dermis as in Dermatology,tegument as in "tegumento" and "cutis" which in Spanish denote skin, pelt which points to "piel" which in spanish also means skin, and again Spanish "piel" points to Spanish "pelo, peludo and peluca" which stand for hair, hairy and wig which used to be made of human hair, and denote hair, hairy or hirsute. 

In reality, Medicine knows much about "skin conditions" as manifestations but very little as to causes and therefore "cures". See an illustrated review concerning cutaneous matters indicated by a link on the upper left - and in any case, consider what that our ignorance welcomes the term "cosmetic" and "cosmetology" as if resorting to "cosmic" magic we may hide our ignorance by the use of "cosmetics". 

Wladimir Wertelecki, M.D.

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