In brief

Both MINERVA (in Rome) and ATHENA (in Greece) stand for WISDOM

Both share the OWL as their emblem

Mind in brief? Is such possible? Is there WISDOM in mindedness? 

Words that convey fundamental notions are of global importance - they arise independently across the globe and its history. But ... for Europeans WISDOM is CEREBRAL while in other cultures may stem from other mysteries. The word and their roots shown on the left explore such perspectives. 

Here the question is if WISDOM reflects MIND then the question is to what extent HEALTH impacts wisdom. Societies consider maturity as generating wisdom and appoint supreme judges that often are quite senior. However, aging is also known to often be associated with a decline of mental health - what about WISDOM. 

Are you "of a mind" to continue reading ? ... expressions such as "do you mind?" or "to be reminded" point toward MEMORY - some experts see in MINerva, MINd, and MEMORY a sign pointing toward MNEMOSINE, the emblem of memory (as are mnemonics) and mother of the muses. To what extent Medicine and Minerva are intertwined I do not know but in my view MENTAL HEALTH is a core component of MEDICINE. "Out of mind", "mad with Love" are expressions that we can be "dislocated" away for objectivity - perhaps this is why, millionaires spend fortunes on propaganda to get judges and politicians elected that will be inclided to protect their priviledges. Such dis-location away from reality are clearly implied in the term "loco" which in Spanish means "de-mented". Closer to the Medical sphere are issues related to night-mares - a term emerging from "Mara" an emblem of evil that can "mar" our dreams and hopes. 


mind remind you? ... so seems we are pointing to "memory" and its emblem Mnemosine. Why millionnairs spend their fortunes to "change your mind"? to make you vote to keep their fortunes and monopolies ... are they wasting their money?  are you a dreamer? - fond of imaginary images? - do you "see" what I am saying? why are such imaginary scenarios like propaganda or cinematic horror important? ... what if the nightmares become "day-Mares" reminiscent of the duties of the goddess Mara to render us "morose" or even alter our mental death charge - "mar" our life ... render us insane or alienated ... "loca" or "loco" in Spanish is someone dis-located or an alien to reality ... in other words, "de-mented" who often like "maniacs" ... other suffer from "mental retardation" or are "mad with love" ... are such "mental" matters purely "spiritual"?  or are they influenced by hormones and other materialistic realities ... we all know that with aging, as matter decays, the mind can perish before the bones ... think and "thank" you for reading this far ...  mind you mind and stay well!