PANDORA WORD BOX is one of several websites sponsored by OMNINET-MEDWORD LLC registered in United States of North America in partnership with the INTERNATIONAL CHARITABLE FUND “OMNI-NET FOR CHILDREN” registered in Ukraine.


PANDORA WORD BOX (PWB) is a veritable pictorial gallery or works by outstanding artists who inherently excel in conveying their ability to see and their grasp of human nature - in fact, fine arts is a language that transcends time and linguistic barriers. PWB is not a repository of clinical images.


New contents are added on an ongoing basis and occasionally in response to requests. When feasible, posted images on PWB are correlated with those posted on CEO.


PWB aims include presentation of fine arts images to enrich the sensitivity and visual recognition capacity of students of Medical Arts.


To facilitate fuller grasp of meanings and memorization, contents emphasize notions linked to words irrespective of linguistic barriers (see Ideonomy). This approach (ideonomy) implies inclusion of notions arising from Mythology, legends, Ethics, Humanities and History.

The companion PWB web-sites include CLINICAL EYE OPENERS (CEO), UKRAINIAN TERATOLOGY INFORMATION SYSTEM (UTIS), and INTERNATIONAL BIRTH DEFECTS INFORMATION SYSTEM (IBIS), described further in the respective “about” sections.


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