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Mardi Gras - Think of Dionysus

(First Part)

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CARNAVAL (distorted in English to carNIVAL) points to CARNal and VALE (valid) implying carnal levity. Distorted in French into MARDI GRAS, the change points toward Mars and unctuous (as if saturated in butter). The original names stems from Greece and it was DIONYSIA festivities which in Rome was renamed into BACCHANALIA or LUPERCALIA. With the advent of Christianity, the clergy made every effort to erase these fetifities but failed. Their motive was probably mostly stimulated by the festifities with "fleshy sex"and prostitution (implicite in CARNE-vale and LUPercalia - to this day "lupanar" in Spanish means a prostitution establishment). Nonetheless, DIONYSUS is the main if not the only mythologic personality dedicated to the raw (veritable) true nature of man (when stripped from overlays of "culture", shame, guilt, ... etc. in short, the irrationality (instinctiveness) of natural man.    
Dancing releases spirits.
Alcohol releases spirits.

Please note access to many other notes in companion pages (see links at the top of the left column. In essence, Carnival remains a celeration of life sprining during spring or put another way, a renewed live, thus "love celebrations". Syncreticaly, these are feasts of the "rebirth of life" evident in buds and blooming flowers in the midst of bird songs. Having failed to destroy this tradition, Christianity promoted a re-braning of such celebrations as Saint Valentines Day (see companion overview) and added Ash Wednesday. In fact, Dionysis also stood for death and resuscitation. And so it is to tis day, these pagan feasts survive. 

Modern Carnival, or Mardi Gras, is a melange (mezcla), or mix of old legends that endure because they INFlame and INFect the imagination. In this sense, Carnival is like an anesthetic - an escape from the rational - people are free to act as fools, dress like fools, and commit acts like fools by folling aroud - Carnial provides and an escape or liCENSE for  licentious "fooling around" under the tutelage and temporar rule by Momous or Momo whose task is to mock and laugh at the mortals acting foolishly.   
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As an infant, Bacchus was captivating. (Bellini)
Younb Bacchus was not drunk
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